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Advanture therapy

“Adventure Therapy” is an active, eventful program, inspired by films and filmmaking. We offer the participants a variety of different challenges: creative tasks, acting games, cooperative physical missions. They use their imagination to travel around several film-scenes. The program helps them to connect with each other with a lot of fun.

Filmbuilding film shoot

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Have you ever dreamt of being a movie star? Of standing in front of the cameras on a film set? In our Filmbuilding attraction these dreams become reality as your group partakes in the making of a short film. Experience what it is like to be an actor and crewmember!

The participants create their own short film according to the provided script and following the directions of our director. All technical equipment, sets, and props, are provided. At the end of the day the final movie is premiered at the studio’s screening room, and is delivered online upon request.

THE SUBJECTS – 3 minutes

2 filming locations, Green Screen studio and New York street backlot


ORDER OF DAWN – 3 minutes

2 filming locations, Green Screen studio and Renaissance backlot


THE SUBJECTs – 6 minutes

3 filming locations, Green Screen studio, New York street backlot, and Renaissance backlot

Stunt show

Experience the making of breathtaking Hollywood stunts behind-the-scenes, with real stuntmen. The Filmpark Stunt Show on the studios’ New York street backlot set will give you a glimpse into the exciting and dangerous work of stunt professionals. We offer shows from a few minutes to complete one-hour productions, with various themes: 1930’s American gangster chases to modern New York action scenes. Our stunt show team can bring any desired atmosphere to life, using extras, props, costumes, and even including unsuspecting audience members.
The Stunt Shows are available to groups and special events, and must be ordered in advance.  (Stunt shows are not included in general admission ticket price)

Professional make-up show

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In our make-up show,  make-up professionals take participating groups into the world of special make-up in filmmaking.  Volunteers from the group will first-hand experience the application of special make-up tricks such as cuts, scabs, scars, and bruises.  All volunteers are also provided with a special make-up removal package, allowing them to remove the make-up at their discretion.  The make-up show is held in the Filmpark restaurant.

The price of the Make-up Show is determined by the size of the group and quoted upon request.  Price includes professional make-up artists and all materials used.


„The world is a theater”

Film casting – team building

We offer this team building training program to all those interested in the world of film and theatre, and would like to lighten up their company trainings with some humour and laughs.  During the training participants will learn how to effectively communicate what they’d like to see happen.  Afterall, we all strive to be successful, whether in the office, or on a film set.  To achieve this success, we must unlock ourselves.  The training will show how to communicate our intentions in unfamiliar situations through body posture, gestures, and facial expressions, using the same techniques an actor does during a casting session.  This teambuilding strives to improve communication, self-expression, creativity and concentration, and can be used to deflate conflicts.  The program is available in Hungarian and English.

The casting is held by Lívia Hábermann, Hungarian television and theatre actress

Chef of the stars

Prepare a multi-course meal with our Star Chef.  We will provide the fresh local ingredients, you and your group will take home secret recipes and new experiences.  Upon request, we will also provide a tasting of fin wines from our Etyek region.  The length of the lunch or dinner program is approximately 3-4 hours.  A short, 3-5 minute film is prepared of each event, which we will send online to all participants after their meal.  English-language option is available.

Wine tasting

With its great wines and beautiful countryside, Etyek and its environs is one of the most popular wine regions of Hungary, only minutes from Budapest. After the Fimpark tour, try a wine tasting in our restaurant, and learn about the processes of winemaking and the wines of the region. Snacks, cheeses and fruits are provided. Take part in a local culinary experience.

Special events

Product premiers, family days, partner meetings, gala dinners, fund raising events, conferences, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties.