Offering a new experience for film lovers, the Korda Filmpark is the first movie-themed visitors center in Central-Eastern Europe, located 30 kilometers from Budapest, in Etyek.

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Korda memorial exhibition

Discover the adventurous lives of the Korda brothers.The Korda exhibit will introduce you to the world-famous creators of The Jungle BookThe Thief of Baghdad, and The Private Life of Henry VIII. Learn about the story-filled lives of Sir Alexander Korda and his brothers Vincent and Zoltán, stretching from Vienna, Berlin, and Paris to London and Hollywood, from Oscar Awards to Knighthood.

The three brothers

Sir Alexander Korda (Sir Alexander Korda)

The founder of the Brittish filmindustry, the first filmdirector, who became a Brittish knight. Some of his partners: Sir Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Orson Welles.

Zoltán Korda

He was a producer-filmdirector in Hollywood. He worked with his era’s wonderful stars, Humphrey Bogarttal, Gregory Peckkel, Sidney Poitier-vel.

Vincent Korda

The youngest Korda brother was an artist, stage designer. In Hungary he was a student of Béla Iványi-Grünwald, a Hungarian painter.

Interactive exhibition

Midgets and giants from Lord of the Rings, motorcycling along the Danube, battleship explosions, galloping horses – these are just a few of the filmmaking tricks of the trade that you will see brought to life in the filmmaking exhibition tour. Experience an entertaining and educational guided tour behind the scenes of moviemaking in our unique exhibition showcasing the various stages of film production – from the idea to creation and beyond.

The exhibition tour takes about 70-90 minutes, and covers all 1400 m2 of the exhibition hall.


Studio tour

Have you ever walked on the streets of a real working film studio? Have you seen the insides of a real film set? Come and walk in the same Hellboy 2: The Golden Army set that Rom Perlman and Selma Blair played in, or The Borgias renaissance sets where Jeremy Irons plays Pope Alexander VI. Peek inside where the cameras can not.

The Studio Tour’s length and route is subject to weather conditions and production schedules on the lot. It takes about 2 hours. On special occasions the tour will include unique sights, which are not part of the usual studio tour. The outdoor walk takes about 30-40 minutes.



The snackbar and gift shop of the Korda Filmpark is opened 9.00 -16.30. In the offer of the shop you can find not only souvenirs but books about films and filmhistory, and accesories, film crew. As a head of a company you can present film gifts to your partners, employees.