Frequently asked questions

What does my admission ticket allow me to see within the Filmpark?

The price of admission includes a guided tour of the Filmpark exhibition and the Studio Tour. Further activities, such as lunch in our restaurant, are also available at additional prices. For more information please visit the Services section of this website.

Can I buy a ticket for only the exhibition or only the studio tour?

The guided exhibition and studio tour are part of one admission ticket, and cannot be purchased separately.

Can I visit the Filmpark privately?

The Filmpark may only be visited at prearranged times, in groups. On this website you can reserve your tour time. We offer private V.I.P. tours upon request. Please write us at to inquire.

How long does the tour take?

The guided tour of the exhibition takes about 80-90 minutes, and the studio tour about 30-40, depending on the speed of the group.

What should I wear?

The exhibition tour is indoors; the studio tour takes place outdoors. Bring your walking shoes.

Is the Filmpark suitable for young children?

We are happy to welcome all children of all ages at the Korda Filmpark. Entrance for children under the age of 6 is free of charge. The Filmpark area is baby carriage friendly, and diaper rooms are available in the restaurant’s rest rooms.

Are pets allowed in the Filmpark?

Pets are not allowed into the Korda Filmpark.

Is the Filmpark able to accommodate handicapped guests?

Yes, the Filmpark is free of obstacles to wheelchairs.Separate parking spaces are reserved for handicapped guests inside the Filmpark, and handicapped rest rooms are available in the restaurant. We offer hearing aids to our hearing impaired guests, please inquire upon entrance at the ticket counter.

Can I organize my next special event at the Filmpark?

Korda Filmpark is available for various events of all types and sizes. More information is available on the Services section of our website.

Ticket reservation and purchase

Can the Filmpark be visited without a reservation?

Filmpark visits must be reserved in advance by date and time. In cases of special events, VIP groups, or groups at full capacity, we cannot guarantee entrance to visitors arriving without a reservation. Please reserve in advance in the Ticket Reservation section of the website, or call +36 22 556 002 for more information.

I’d like to make a reservation for today, but the calendar won’t let me. What should I do?

The reservation calendar only takes reservations until midnight of the prior day. If you’d like to visit on the same day, please call +36 22 556 002.

There are no more spaces left for the date and time I have chosen. What should I do?

Groups are limited to 40 persons. If a group has reached its capacity, please choose another time.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

If you’d like to change or cancel an existing reservation please write us, citing your name, date and time of reservation, and number of persons in your group.

I cannot print or have lost my reservation voucher. What should I do?

Do not worry; you do not have to present a printed copy of your reservation. Just state the name you reserved under at the ticket counter.

Do you accept credit cards, vacation vouchers, SZÉP cards, or cultural vouchers?

Korda Filmpark only accepts cash payments. In case of group tour reservations, payment may be made in advance via bank transfer.

Are there group discounts available?

We offer special discounts to large groups and school groups. For more information please inquire at

Can the Filmpark be visited on closed days or after opening hours?

We are able to accommodate pre-arranged groups at times outside of our usual opening hours also. Please inquire for more information.
Are foreign language guides also available?

Korda Filmpark offers tours in various languages to pre-arranged, reserved groups. Please inquire about available languages and times

During your visit

When do I have to pick up my reserved ticket?

Please pick up your reserved ticket by no later than 5 minutes past your reserved tour time.

Is the studio tour held in case of rain?

The studio tour in only held if weather permits. In case of strong winds or rain, it will not be held.

What exterior sets will be visited on the studio tour?

The sets available to visit vary daily according to film shooting and building schedules, and weather conditions.
Is photography allowed in the exhibition?

Photography is permitted inside the exhibition, and on the New York exterior set. Photography is forbidden in all other areas.

Can shooting sets be visited during the studio tour?

In order to ensure ideal conditions for filmmakers working at Korda Studios, sets where shooting is in progress are not visited during the studio tour. Sound stages where shooting is not taking place may be included.

Does Korda Filmpark include a gift shop?

At the gift shop in the exhibition hall we offer souvenirs and film themed accessories and relics to our guests.

After your visit

Can I shop at the Filmpark gift shop online?

The gift shop is currently only available on site. Our webshop will be launched shortly.

For more information please write us at or call +36 22 556 002 Wednesday through Sunday between 10 am and 4 pm.