Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What can I see in the Korda Filmpark with the entrance ticket?
The entrance ticket includes viewing of our permanent exhibition, the Film production experience tour and the outer set.

Is it possible to exchange tickets only for the exhibition or only for viewing the external scenery?
The programs cannot be separated, so it is not possible to purchase an entry ticket only for the exhibition or visiting the external scenery.

Can the Korda Filmpark be visited individually?
The Korda Filmpark can be visited by prior appointment, the visit is subject to registration. Group departures can be found on the booking page. It is possible to have the tour privately, for a separate fee. Ask for our offer by e-mail at

How long does the program last?
The Film production experience tour lasts 2 – 2.5 hours.

What attire is recommended for the visit?
The exhibition is located in a covered building, and the exterior scenery is in an open area. Weather-appropriate clothing is recommended. Sunglasses and a hat are recommended due to the strong sun in the summer, and warm, layered clothing is recommended in the winter due to the windy weather.

Can Korda Filmpark be visited with small children?
We also warmly welcome young people to the Korda Filmpark, but we recommend the program from the age of 12. Admission is free for children under 6 years old. The Korda Filmpark area can be accessed with a stroller.

Can dogs visit the Korda Filmpark?
Dogs are not allowed in the visitor center area, please leave your pet at home for the duration of the visit. A

Is the Korda Filmpark area accessible?
The exhibition is wheelchair accessible.

Ticket booking and purchase

Is it possible to visit the Korda Filmpark without a prior reservation?
The Korda Filmpark can be visited only at the booked time, upon prior registration.

There is no free space for the chosen date in the booking calendar, what should I do?
There are a maximum of 25 places available in each group, if there are no more free places in the given group and you would like to come with a larger group, please write an e-mail to the e-mail address, if you are an individual applicant, please choose another date.S

I want to change / cancel my reservation, what should I do?
In case of modification or cancellation, please send an e-mail to with the exact details of the reservation (name, date, time, number of people) and the requested modification.N

I can’t print / can’t find the booking confirmation, what should I do?
It is not necessary to show the e-mail you received confirming the reservation at the venue, it is sufficient to state the name used for the reservation at the ticket office.A

Can the entrance tickets be paid with a bank card, SZÉP card or culture voucher?
Entrance tickets can be paid for in cash, with a bank card and SZÉP card (OTP, K&H). We do not accept culture vouchers. It is possible to pay the price of the entrance tickets in advance, online or by bank transfer.V

Is it possible to buy tickets online?
Yes, online bank card payment is possible through the Barion system after selecting the date, time, ticket type and number of tickets on the booking page.

Is it possible to buy a gift ticket?
Yes, after selecting the type and number of tickets under the gift ticket menu, it is possible to exchange a gift ticket for the Film Production Experience Tour program through the Barion system. In this menu, you can also buy our Let’s Be a Movie Star program.

Is it possible to get a discounted ticket price for a group booking?
We provide special discounts for groups and schools, find out about group ticket prices on our website. We are waiting for your request to the email address

Is it possible to visit on holidays or other time than the scheduled group times?
We also provide guidance for groups on holidays or at special times, by prior arrangement, write to

Is it possible to have the tour in a foreign language?
We provide guidance in foreign languages for groups by prior arrangement. The price of the guided tour is HUF 31,750/group, in addition to the entrance tickets. The extra reservation becomes final after the agreed time and payment of the fee.

During visit

When can I buy the reserved tickets? When should I arrive?
Please buy tickets at the ticket office 15 minutes before the start of the visit.

Can the outdoor scenery be visited even in rainy weather?
The outdoor scenery can be visited in suitable weather conditions, ask us for information about the departure of the group in strong wind or rain.

When can the outdoor scenery be viewed?
The outdoor scenery can be visited depending on the filming and the weather, we can provide more information on this before the visit.

Can I take photos during the visit?
Our animators will provide information on the spot about where photography is allowed in the area.

Is it possible to watch filming during the external tour?
During the external tour, it is not possible to visit the studios, and shooting locations due to the undisturbed nature of the filming and confidentiality conditions.

Is there a gift shop and buffet in Korda Filmpark?
There is a gift shop and a cafeteria in the exhibition building.
Our offer: Souvenirs, packaged foods (salty sticks, biscuits, muesli, ice cream), bottled soft drinks, coffee.

Are there cloakrooms and safes in Korda Filmpark?
There are mobile racks for visitors. There is no value retention.

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