House rule

The purpose of these House Rules is to ensure a pleasant time for the Visitors of the Filmpark Film Visitor Center (hereinafter referred to as Filmpark) operated by Korda Filmstúdió Szolgáltató Zrt., to preserve the safety, health and physical integrity of the Visitors, as well as to preserve the condition of the Filmpark’s equipment, as well as the professional conduct of Events/Programs.

In order to achieve all of this, compliance with the House Rules is mandatory for all Visitors.

  1. By purchasing the entrance ticket, the Visitor accepts and consents to be able to use photos and recordings taken in the Filmpark area for the Filmpark’s own advertising and promotion activities freely and free of charge. The Visitors appearing in the video and audio recordings may not make any claims against the Filmpark, the creator of the recording, or its legitimate users. The Filmpark has the right to use, and publish in the media the recordings and photos taken on its territory in any way without the special consent or financial compensation of the Visitor.
  2. By entering the area of the Film Park Visitor Center, Visitors acknowledge the provisions of these House Rules as binding on themselves. Visitors are only entitled to visit and use the games and any of the services of the Filmpark film Visitor Center by accepting and following the House Rules. Upon entering, the Visitor acknowledges that Filmpark employees and security guards may demand compliance with the rules at any time. Filmpark employees and security personnel wear a special distinguishing mark (blue and green badge and Korda Filmpark T-shirt).
  3. The Visitor is obliged to refrain from any expression, communication or action that may endanger or violate the personal rights, life, health or physical integrity of others.
  4. With the exception of some individual events, the Filmpark Film Visitor Center can be visited by purchasing an entry ticket, the validity of which entry ticket must be verified with the Badge (identifier) affixed at the time of redemption. The Badge entitles the Visitor to entry on the same day. If the Badge is damaged or left, the entry ticket becomes invalid and a fine of HUF 3,000 is mandatory.
  5. In addition to these Filmpark House Rules, Visitors are obliged to comply with the instructions and regulations of the Filmpark’s employees, workers and security guards.
  6. In the Filmpark area, you may only take photos and movies in the areas authorized by the Filmpark staff, it is strictly prohibited in all other areas!
  7. The Filmpark assumes no responsibility for the preservation and damage to the condition of objects brought into the Filmpark area. The Visitor acknowledges that he can only bring his property and valuables into the Filmpark area at his own risk.
  8. Parking is free for visitors to the Filmpark in the exterior brick parking lot.
  9. Everyone can enter and stay in the area of the Filmpark Film Visitor Center at their own risk. Everyone can use the tools and services of the Filmpark solely at their own risk.
  10. The Filmpark does not undertake the supervision and custody of minors. Persons under the age of 18 can stay in the Filmpark area only under the responsibility of their parents, and children under the age of 12 can only stay under the supervision of an adult and use our games and services.
  11. The entire area of the Filmpark is monitored by cameras.
  12. Our guests are obliged to drive on the hiking route designated by the Filmpark employee, and to stick to it. Thresholds, level differences, and uneven ground occur on the hiking and transportation routes (both inside the building and outdoors).
  13. When visiting the attraction in the Visitor Center area, our guests pass through a narrow closed corridor, where flashing light effects affect the human body as a visual element, so our guests who suffer from a severe fear of closed spaces, confinement and limitations (claustrophobia) or suffer from epilepsy visit the attraction only at their own risk. can be used.
  14. When visiting the attractions in the Visitor Center area, our guests may be affected by sound effects.
  15. The interactive parts of the Filmpark attractions can only be used by strictly following the instructions in the description posted for the attractions, after reading and understanding the instructions. In the case of a person under the age of 18, the parent/guardian is responsible for ensuring that the child has read and understood the description of the individual attractions before using them. If you have any questions, Filmpark employees will provide information.
  16. All Visitors are obliged to take care of the objects exhibited or on display in the Filmpark area, to preserve their integrity, and to use them in accordance with their intended purpose as described. Anyone who intentionally/negligently causes damage to the objects on display or to the equipment and facilities of the Filmpark is obliged to compensate the Filmpark.
  17. Under no circumstances does the Filmpark accept responsibility for damage to the physical integrity of persons or the valuables of Visitors.
  18. Entry to the Filmpark area is prohibited for persons who are intoxicated or under the influence of intoxicants or other mind-altering substances. Persons under the influence of narcotics or other intoxicating substances or intoxicated may not stay in the Filmpark area, even with a valid Badge. Such persons will be refused service by the staff of the Filmpark and will be escorted out of the Filmpark area. In such cases, the Visitor cannot claim a refund of the price of the Badge.
  19. Entry to the Filmpark area is prohibited for anyone suffering from an infectious disease.
  20. The use of stabbing and cutting tools, knives or scissors, weapons, pyrotechnic devices, or other alarm-causing devices, or any other devices that are particularly dangerous to public safety, is prohibited in the Filmpark area. (X. 28.) In a government decree – it is specified that it is particularly dangerous for public safety to bring in a device that endangers one’s own or others’ physical integrity.
  21. There may be explosive materials in the area of the Filmpark – necessary for the attractions! It is forbidden to use an open flame, light a lighter or start a fire in any other way.
  22. The capacity of the entire Filmpark Visitor Center and individual units is limited, the maximum number of people staying inside at the same time is 30 people, which is in accordance with the OTSZ and the national settlement planning and construction requirements No. 253/1997. (XII. 20.) It was determined in accordance with the Government Decree and the regulations of the fire protection authorities. If we have reached the number of people who can be safely evacuated in a given area or in the Filmpark as a whole, we will continue the admission depending on the people who leave. In view of the above, our institution may limit the possibility of entering the area of the Filmpark film Visitor Center!
  23. It is forbidden to bring animals into the Filmpark area, with the exception of guide dogs. Littering in the Filmpark area is prohibited. We ask our visitors to use the garbage bins in order to maintain cleanliness.
  24. In case of injury, illness, or any health complaint, you can report it to the cashier or the staff. In this case, Filmpark employees can provide first aid or call an ambulance.
  25. Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are prohibited in the Filmpark area, Visitors who smoke can only use designated smoking areas.
  26. In the event of a fire or bomb alarm or other extraordinary event, you must follow the instructions of Filmpark employees and security guards and workers.
  27. It is forbidden for Visitors to engage in any advertising or other commercial activities in the Filmpark area.
  28. It is forbidden to behave in a way that violates public order and public morals in the area of the Filmpark.
  29. The Filmpark lists the prices of admission tickets and services on the Filmpark website ( and on the information boards displayed at the ticket offices. The Visitor must keep the redeemed entrance ticket/Badge, as well as the receipt/proof of purchase for the entire duration of the visit. The Badge and the corresponding receipt or invoice can be checked at the Filmpark area by Filmpark employees at any time. If the Badge is damaged, the Visitor can contact the staff of the Filmpark in order to exchange it, exchange is only possible upon presentation of the proof of purchase. Visitors with a damaged Badge may not stay in the Filmpark area.
  30. Visitors are obliged to indicate their VAT invoice request in advance when redeeming the entrance ticket, the Filmpark cannot issue an invoice afterwards.
  31. When using a discount, when accepting individual means of payment, or when taking advantage of other promotions, Filmpark employees may request a valid ID card suitable for identity verification, which Visitors are required to present. If this is not done, the means of payment requiring identification cannot be accepted, and the promotion cannot be validated.
  • In the event of a group of children visiting the Filmpark area, the group’s chaperones or supervisors are solely responsible for observing and enforcing the House Rules. The accompanying persons responsible for groups of children must pay extra attention in order to preserve the life, accident and property safety of the children with them. In the case of a birthday program, the group of children will be accompanied by the person who ordered or paid for the birthday program, who will be on site with the children.
  • At the end of the opening hours, Visitors are obliged to leave the Filmpark area.
  • Visitors to the Filmpark are entitled to submit comments or complaints about the services of the Filmpark in the Complaints Book available at the Box Office.
  • The staff of the Filmpark may refuse a Visitor who does not comply with the provisions of the House Rules to visit the Filmpark film Visitor Center, use the attractions and services, and, in justified cases, escort them out of the Filmpark area after being asked to leave. The Visitor may not claim reimbursement of the purchase price of the ticket under any circumstances.
  • We kindly ask our visitors to send their comments, complaints, and ideas regarding the visit, the services of the Filmpark, or any other comments, to the management of the Filmpark at the address
  • Dear Visitors, please hand in the found items at the cash desk, and you can search for your lost items there.
  • The text of the House Rules can also be viewed at
  • Filmpark employees reserve the right to change attractions, dates and locations, and do not accept any responsibility for any resulting damages!

Not knowing the rules of the policy does not under any circumstances exempt you from the consequences of violating them!

Valid: 01.01.2024