Mission is impossible

PRE PRODUCTION – “Interview, preparation”
Discovery of problems and resources, formulation of training goals based on which the program is compiled.
Duration: maximum 60 minutes
Location: Korda Filmpark (in person) or SKYPE (online)


PRODUCTION – „Camera is rolling! Action!”

Organizational development program that also uses film themes. The tasks are fun, exciting, and require personal cooperation. The elements include among other things acting tasks and trust games.
Duration: 90 minutes
Location: Korda Filmpark


Processing and unpacking the experiences and messages during the program and discussing the experiences gained during the training.

Our goal is for the participants to be able to transfer the knowledge into everyday life and for this purpose, the participants discuss their experience in small groups or with everyone.
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Korda Filmpark

19.550 Ft + VAT/person (min. 10 people max. 25 people/group)
Program duration
60 minutes + 90 minutes + 60 minutes
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